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The Raging Debate Minimal Marketable Feature Risk vs Return

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Agile Principle No 1. Adaptability

Remember your RESOURCES can be taken from you at anytime & your BUDGET can be cut at anytime so what DECISIONS will you make today to achieve your MINIMAL MARKETABLE FEATURE?

High Risk High Value vs Low Risk High Value

When standing at the edge of Iteration One, PM’s IM’s Product Managers and BA’s have had to answer one important question what will we deliver.

Those afraid will often chart a course of action that includes Low Risk…. but why, when we think of William Wallace, Braveheart, would we inspire our people to attempt what is the highest risk half way into the battle or would we want to commence the greatest victory and value to our organisations at the beginning.

Ladder Goat Your So Random

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Story Development & Scenarios

A little while back one of our agile coaches was shown a you tube video, it was of a gamer that had been up for 24hrs straight, and out of the blue appears something most unexpected. Is it a deer, is it a donkey, no ladies and gentleman it is indeed a ladder goat. You see a goat appears in the middle of the battle field, after the game has been played for 24hrs continually.

When the same agile coach studied with the master of story development Robert McKee, in London, to their surprise a number of software developers from a game house in the Netherlands were also learning the craft of story elicitation. Game developers take their stories seriously, and Hollywood take their successful stories from computing games even more seriously.

So when you’re in the midst of your story development BA’s, testers, & Product Owners determining your scenarios, asking why do I need to do this, and wondering why do I need to learn this? Just think Ladder Goat. Especially when you’re getting your head around the concept of Happy Sad, Mad & Bad and why they are important for your narratives.

Warning this video below is contagious, and a couple of words are considered adult content & controversial for the work place environment a couple of minutes into the video, watch it long enough and you too will be laughing, but when we look at this from the Agile perspective, how did the story development for this feature of the game take place? How were the scenarios developed?

The Agile Journey

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Agile Achievement is Live

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Thinking of Agile

Often organisations implementing Agile

only get part of the way

Is your wave of Change a little like this??

When you really want it to look like this

Welcome to Agile Achievement

Catch the Wave Early
Implement Agile Phases
Across your organisition now

Agile Achievement will help you facilitate the change

Our Agile Concierge team will Coach your Agile Team

IM’s, PM’s, BA’s, UI’s, Testing, Execs

Using concepts approved by Thoughtworks

Deployed already in Banking & Telecommunications companies

Agile Achievement cover’s the basics

Business Analysis, Project Management, Interation Management & Testing

2 day courses

world wide delivery

We customise Agile concepts to your organisations workflows, values and framework goals.

Standups, Story Development, Agile Development Practices, Agile Tools

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