The Agile Tipping Point through Social Media

When you hear that your organisation is about to roll out Agile, some people are quick to apply black hat thinking and give you all the reasons why it wont work.

What these people are really saying is they are doubtful of another “Pilgrimage of Passion” getting traction and actually sticking in the organisation long enough to bring about the change its claimed to bring.

Agile needs more than top down and bottom up support its needs to be supported by thorough statistical numbers of early adoption.

What a large organisation is looking for is the number 168. It’s the 80/20 rule, that will roll out your Agile message, 80% of the message will be carried by 20% of your people and 168 represents the tipping point of an Agile idea into an Agile action plan across the organisation.

When your planning rapid adoption of Agile across your organisation, one needs to take the learnings from Malcolm Gladwell in the Tipping Point and apply them to your rollout Strategy.

Typically people look at rolling Agile out over the organisation by behaviours and current success at the  role an individual has at the time.

Agile as an idea needs rapid adoption across the organisation, and to do that the people who are most likely to carry this message are Connectors and Mavens.

Who in the organisation is currently meeting large diverse groups across the organisation. (Agile Connector)

Who in the organisation is well researched, can make recommendations that result in key stakeholders taking a new course of action as a direct result of the recommendation made by a (Agile Maven)

Who in your organisation is likely to convince you even when you do not want to be convinced (Agile Saleman)

So in your pre launch phase its most important to identify and onboard your highly important few

The law of the few says that Agile Connectors, Mavens & Salesman are responsible for starting word of mouth epidemics, which means that if you are interested in starting an Agile word of mouth epidemic, your resources need to be solely concentrated on these three groups.

The number one thing that will support your private army of 168 is Social Media, you need this strategy defined from Day 1.

A dedicated channel for your framework, the teamwork, the success, the retrospectives, the executive learning journey and the organisation transformation all captured in real time.

Agile Social Media Ideas

1. Create an Agile TV Chanel for your organisation

2. Film your Agile journey, begin at the beginning, show learnings, build case studies live each week

3. Film your key stakeholders with their Agile message and distribute through your Agile TV Channel

4. Twitter, Yammer, Linkedin Groups,

Support your Agile Social Media Offline

1. Sponsor Meetups

2. Present your learnings at Agile Conferences

3. Work with Industry Associations

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