Agile Transformation : Where do you start


When a company is looking for consulting to accelerate their Agile Transformation Programme when is the best time to engage consultants in the process. Where is the best investment for consulting time, in the middle, near the end or at the very beginning, or along the whole transformation journey?

Consulting is key to Agile Transformation to assist in formulating your go live organisation wide Agile approach. The most successful organisations adopt an Agile Mantra, that is central to all the organisations communications and align strategically with their other transformation activities.

Some organisations like to adopt Agile in stealth like manner, empowering pockets of the organisation to practice Agile while patiently waiting for the benefits and improvements to the process to emerge. This is sometimes a risky approach for if the pilots are unsuccessful and the people empowered to change are not trained or have the full support of the organisation as a whole, the quest for change can be ended abruptly.

One of the key’s to success is conducting an Agile Tipping Point Analysis across the organisation – this is a relatively easy process once you are shown how.

Other things to include on your “To Do List”  for Agile Transformation are :

Stakeholder Mapping

Agile Readiness Mapping

Project Selection & Pipeline Analysis

Training Needs Analysis

Current State Future State

Agile Transformation Programme Wall & Activities

Agile Transformation Measures & Metrics

Agile Transformation Engagement Risk Analysis

to download the model

click here

Agile Transformation Model



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