Agile Tour Sydney 2012

Yesterday we presented to a full session at the Agile Tour Sydney 2012, Agile Achievement were one of the sponsors of the event which was focused around agile practioners @agiletoursyd #agiletoursyd12

Here is the murmuration video from the session it shows the amazing natural occurrence rarely caught on video

Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.

Agile Achievement’s director Naomi McGill presented a 1hour workshop and it was a hot topic for everyone that attended.

Those that attended joined a very unique 100% experiential workshop on Agile Transformation, the 4 groups were challenged to present their findings at the end of the session. At one point a group took a fire extinguisher from to wall to assist with their demonstration.

As a result some of the slides that were scheduled to be shown are now available for home viewing or back at your desk.

If you want an email of the slide pack that will support the Shrinking the Gap on Agile Transformation process please email us directly

There was a host of speakers at the event and a special mention to a session run by Anne-Marie Challett on It’s Not Manual or Automated its Sapient was really unique.

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