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Glass: A Flexible Future with Corning’s Willow

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Devices are expected to experience a change with the new flexible Willow Glass by Corning. Willow opens us up to flexible thinking, and a flexible future that is different to the sturdy Gorilla v3 by Corning that making waves for its durability.

See the new device by Samsung recently covered by the Telegraph

We wait for the roll out of these smartphones and other products using flexible glass world-wide

Glass : Corning v’s Google

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

In a recent Agile Business Analysis course we got thinking about the future and the conversation of Google Glass started. Where are we going what will the impact of Google Glass have on medical industry, the movie industry, telecommunications industry, manufacturing, motor and retail industries?

To experience it

A great example of first adopters are the Media Industry and have already responded with the New York Times having a google glass app.

Its not just Google that have had Glass connecting us to the future, but Dal Corning makers of Intelligent Glass that can provide seamless connection in all areas of lives.

There are lots of interesting articles from the first group of google glass users and lots of debate about implications of wide adoption.

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