Google I/O 2014 – Keynote : Android TV, Android Auto to Everyday heros Luke & Charlotte Forwood

Top Takeaways of keynote 2014

Material Design

Miniaturisation of Technology

Google I/O in under 9 minutes thanks to Verve

Catch up with Google full presentation

Of course this week we have to finish with Optus new ads and some Norwegian 80’s Power Pop

Also I want to mention a very Inspiring brave family featured on Channel 10 this week and I met Tom, at Optus, father of Luke and Charlotte and this is their story.

Luke Charlotte and Nicholas Forwood

$121,367.94 given

$125,000 Luke and Charlotte’s Goal

$3,632.06 still needed

Hi! I’m Luke, I’m 12yrs old and in year 7 at St Pius X College, Chatswood and I’m Charlotte, I’m 10yrs old and in year 5 at Sacred Heart, Pymble.

We have a baby brother, Nicholas, who is now 3 years old. In May 2013 he was diagnosed with Cancer – Neuroblastoma, Stage 4, High Risk. He is very cute, and cheeky, and has been a true fighter. The battle is long and hard and we are now only half way through it. The odds of survival of this cancer aren’t great but we are grateful that he has made it this far.

We want to do our part and so have decided to raise money for The Kids Cancer Project as they fund research into childhood cancers that are difficult to cure and have a low survival rate, like Neuroblastoma.

We decided to shave our hair. Yes, both of us! The shave took place at our baseball presentation night on Saturday 29th March at the Kissing Point Sports Clubhouse. It was an amazing night and we both love our new hair cuts.

We are amazed at the amount we have already raised but would really like to raise more because it is such a great cause.

Please helps us to help The Kids Cancer Project raise funds to cure Childhood Cancer so other kids don’t have to experience what our baby brother has.

Mum has done posts about Nicholas’ journey so far, so if you are interested in knowing more please check out her posts.

I just helped make a difference by supporting Kids Cancer Project #messengerforch…




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