Agile & Fashion

When it comes to Fashion and Agile the leader in the industry is the well documented

Zara by Forbes back in 2012 by an article by Steve Denning.

In 2004 Harvard business Review had an article on Rapid Fire Fulfilment

In the latest article by Steve Denning in 2015

Zara’s management practices “questionable, if not downright crazy.” That was because “Zara defies most of the current conventional wisdom about how supply chains should be run.” And yet, strangely, even then, the performance was there: “The company can design, produce, and deliver a new garment and put it on display in its stores worldwide in a mere 15 days.

Agile Achievement consulted with Harlette Luxury Lingerie & Swimwear to put the Zara test into their first production of luxury swimwear in France during February and March 2016. The results were astounding 1st run 10 days, second run 5 days. Bikini designed, material cut, made, shipped, photographed, and on the runway in Caribbean within 6 days. Digital was also run concurrently with show & buy model + a live catwalk using periscope.

The next part of consulting is moving this proof of concept model into continuous delivery model during the next half of 2016.


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