Innovation & Taxation & Economic Growth

There have been some really interesting articles on innovation, hot desking & all things Brexit & Trump, very similar to 2016.

Yet the two items that are really the challenges in 2017 are taxation & economic growth.

Could the UK about turn their economic model to become a tax haven? If so they would need to become a haven with a tax rate less than Ireland 12.5%, Singapore 17% & Hong Kong 16.5% to make this really a model to jumpstart economic growth globally. It will require a rapid Agile plan and Agile rollout for this.

What are the implications for Australia if US drop their corporate tax rate.

I had the great fortune of talking with Katie Page Harvey, a business owner across 7 countries internationally at the airport whilst waiting for our bags to arrive. Katie really had some great thoughts on the impact of taxation globally and asked the questions.


What are the implications for Australia if US drop their corporate tax rate?

How will governments globally be supporting business in the future.

How will Australia continue to receive investments without a drop in tax rate to stay competitive?

Great Questions?

It was great to hear that Katie & Gerry Harvey launched polo this year to their Magic Millions event

The other big question raised by Alan Greenspan on Bloomberg is the idea of

Output per hour greater than 2% to grow your way out of it.

How can every country ensure that this condition is met?

How do you do this?

According to Alan Greenspan its all about the third rail of politics in US right now

1. Have to increase output per hour from 0.5 to greater building your way out of it 2.5%

2. Money supply growing 6% annual what happens if it tilted up 9%

3. Stagflation concern around the world

4. Unemployment rate in US is .0.5% running out of people to go out to work

5. Ever tighter labour market wages moving

6. Previously raise rates to 20% to get system moving back in past

7. 2% inflation goal but its not a 2% environment?

According to a recent BBC article Open Offices are affecting our memory, our productivity and ultimately Economic Growth.

Maybe if we all get corner offices back, a few long Friday lunches to get money flowing back through the economy, and caught a few more black cabs especially with the tube strikes we can build our way out it. What’s your thoughts?

The really interesting article from the lead up to Davos 2017 is this on innovation

Having achieved a milestone for my company so early on this year,  100% agree, During 2016, I have been collaborating with USA, Sweden, UK and here in Sydney, just sent my first prototype of a hi tech design components to Sweden for prototyping. A truly global collaboration to create a global solution I have been working on for one year. Who Knew!

Here is to 2017, more Brexit, more Trump, less taxation and more innovation and definitely more economic growth.

Wishing you all great success in 2017.


On a side note I was looking at an interesting video

Politics & Prose

Boris Johnson on the Churchill Factor

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