In my new book called Galvanize, one of the key attributes of an Agile Practitioner is that they are able to plan for the unexpected. If you watch the news and follow the market statements from the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England. You will notice that they release reports on the banks have passed their annual stress tests, and details of those that don’t, have a list of recommendations that need to be followed.


Here is an exercise that you can take part in London during a Galvanize Day.

Imagine for a moment you’re the president of Venezuela in the last 6 days your interest rates have increased 1% a day. People are starving, no food is on the shelves of your supermarket and your banks have only 24 hours to respond. Your have a team 7 people, who don’t come from Venezuela, and each have a different idea on what to do and advise you that event like this could never happen in any of their countries UK, USA, Germany, Australia, Norway, France, Japan or could it?

Ratiocinate with your 7-group using excel and post it notes the following scenario and build a Kanban wall of activities for the model

What would happen if the interest rates increase 1% every day for 30 days



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