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Last Responsible Moment Thinking in Agile

Friday, March 25th, 2016

Last week, I travelled from UK through USA to Caribbean and back to UK. It was a week of long flights, not enough sleep and included mid week volunteering for MP for Richmond Park & North Kingston. Conservative candidate for Mayor of London Zac Goldsmith’s  campaign, who was supported by a very special guest, Prime Minister David Cameron.

The phone event was covered by the Evening Standard and Prime Minister David Cameron posted this image on Facebook, that was reposted by Zac Goldsmith and was kindly brought to my attention by a good friend.

There were many moments along the international journey to apply Last Responsible Moment thinking. Would the products be completed in time from France and UK to fly Friday to make the Caribbean for Saturday Morning?

Would I make connecting flight on time if I don’t speak to someone about that I have 1/2 hour left to get to next flight.

Will I make it in time to Volunteer, if this taxi continues to be stuck in traffic.

If I take a tube will it be faster than a taxi.

Each one of these decisions impacting a successful or unsuccessful outcome.

Many organisations I introduce Last Responsible Moment Thinking to, get surprised just how revolutionary this exercise is to identify where decisions need to be made and when they need to be made along the Agile planning cycle.

For teams that struggle with getting testing completed by the end of the sprint, or teams that are constantly refining stories in the first couple of the days of sprints Last Responsible Moment planning is truly liberating.

If you would like to know more about Last Responsible Moment and Agile email to arrange a confidential discussion.

Teams that talk Last Responsible Moment, really discover what Agile Transformation means.


The Raging Debate Minimal Marketable Feature Risk vs Return

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Agile Principle No 1. Adaptability

Remember your RESOURCES can be taken from you at anytime & your BUDGET can be cut at anytime so what DECISIONS will you make today to achieve your MINIMAL MARKETABLE FEATURE?

High Risk High Value vs Low Risk High Value

When standing at the edge of Iteration One, PM’s IM’s Product Managers and BA’s have had to answer one important question what will we deliver.

Those afraid will often chart a course of action that includes Low Risk…. but why, when we think of William Wallace, Braveheart, would we inspire our people to attempt what is the highest risk half way into the battle or would we want to commence the greatest victory and value to our organisations at the beginning.

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